About Hiflo Green

Why E-waste recycling is important?

In a fast-advancing world, electronic waste (e-waste), that is, waste arising from end-of-life electronic products such as computers and mobile phones, is one of the rapidly growing waste streams in the world today. The Annual global production of e-waste is estimated to surpass 60 million tons in 2022. India is among the top five e-waste producing countries in the world, with estimated annual production of 2 million tons and growing 30% annually. Like some of the other developing countries, e-waste management in India is dominated by the informal sector, with estimates of more than 90% of the waste being processed in this sector. E-waste contains several precious metals, rare earth metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic, and glass. Unscientific practices in the processing of e-waste are associated with several environmental and health externalities.

Our Process

Hiflo Green, with decades of experience, had perceived the opportunity of handling E-Waste to contribute in a small way to preserving the universe. Thus, Hiflo Green was formed as a full-fledged organization to process the hazardous & E-waste from the industries. Hiflo Green works out of the facility in Chennai, South India incorporating the latest technology equipment to prevent any occupational issues.

Our Market Segments