Our Journey

Hiflo Green embarked on a premeditated journey, starting with humble beginnings initially by collecting electronic waste & residues from industries and reprocessing them to successfully handle the hazardous waste & E waste. India being the major consumer of electronics in the world, there is a huge opportunity to handle the EOL consumer goods and reprocess them in line with the government rules and regulations laid down in the Gazette of India 2022. Hiflo Green was quick to respond to the customer’s needs for handling the waste generated in their factories and outlets.

In 2021, Hiflo Green was formed as an electronic residue & waste handling company for the collection of waste from major companies. By 2023, Hiflo Green had reorganised to handle E-Waste along with hazardous waste and started to commission a full line of equipment needed for processing waste. Hiflo Green have all the necessary approvals required for handling residue and E-Waste as per the pollution control guidelines.

In an era where sustainability wasn’t more than just a buzzword, pioneers in recycling and reprocessing initiatives for hazardous waste generated in the soldering process. We built a state-of-the-art facility where we aimed to reclaim precious metals trapped within the waste. It was an effort to combat waste and pollution. Our actions spoke volumes, resonating through the halls of responsibility and echoing in the ears of those who cared about our planet. Hiflo moves forward as it aims to reach new heights and increase its positive impact on the world.