Our Infrastructure

hiflo green gate

Hiflo Green has built an infrastructure with sophisticated reprocessing line machines, to meet the challenging demands of the customers. We have researched and developed a recycling, reprocessing and refining process to handle waste.

Located near the Chennai Port in South India, boasts a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The facility is equipped with modern semi-automatic Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) that enable efficient reclamation processes.

As proof of the dedication and commitment for the nature at Hiflo, we take utmost care in handling different kinds of waste based on various sizes and metal content. The facility features dedicated furnaces, crushers, customised refining units, leaching units, and distillation facilities for electronic & hazardous waste. Hiflo takes pride in its technical in-house testing laboratory, which houses advanced equipment such as Spectro & XRF for analyzing the alloy metal composition and identifying impurities. Additionally, provides on-site XRF analysis for comprehensive impurity testing.


Electronic and hazardous waste needs the approvals of national & local statuary bodies. These statuary requirements require special care to be taken by the recycler to comply with the above standards. Hiflo Green has incorporated the same into its infrastructure for a safe and environmentally friendly process. Hiflo Green has all the necessary government approvals for the handling of hazardous waste along with recycling of electronic waste. This approval would be necessary for the disposal of your hazardous waste to us as required by the agencies.

Management Objectives

Hiflo Green has evaluated the pros and cons of the waste handling business and has zeroed in on the following management objectives for the safe and responsible handling of waste generated:

  1. Environmentally sound and safe management of e-waste
  2. Promote sustainable technologies through authorized dismantlers and recyclers.
  3. Educate corporates about their role in implementing a waste management system for a safer environment.
  4. Control and minimise e-waste handling and recycling.
  5. Promote the establishment of an efficient e-waste collection mechanism through buy-back and take-back systems.
Management Objectives

After discussing the objectives of e-waste management, it is a great challenge for governments of many developing countries, such as India. This is becoming a major health issue and is exponentially increasing by the day. To separately collect, efficiently treat, and dispose of e-waste, as well as divert it from conventional landfills and open burning, it’s vital to move towards the formal sector. The Competent authorities in developing & transition nations need to set up mechanisms for handling & treating e-waste in a safe & sustainable manner.