The Role of Technology

The process of e-waste recycling primarily involves many stages

Pretreatment Process

Pretreatment Process

Jaw Crusher
Hammer Mill

Separation Technologies

Magnetic Separator
Density Separator
Cyclone separator

Thermal process

Pyro Processing Unit

Chemical Treatment

Reclaim & Recovery Process

Refining Unit
Leaching Line
Distillation Unit

Given that e-waste recycling involves many such stages and processes, the role of technologies in this space becomes crucial to ensure sustainable and timely recycling of e-waste.

Hiflo Green’s E-waste recycling and reprocessing process has been carefully studied, and equipment has been procured from reputed manufacturers with expertise in this field.

Our Process

E-waste and hazardous waste collected at your doorsteps or dispose at our doorsteps.
Authorized transportation is arranged by Hiflo Green to collect the E-waste and hazardous waste across India with on-time scheduled pickups.
Incoming Quality Control
Incoming Quality Control
All purchased material undergoes incoming quality control as per quality standards to understand the material composition through different analytical techniques such as Spectro, XRF and ICP-OES using destructive and non-destructive techniques. This control check will be completed before the beginning of production.
Incoming Quality Control
The collected waste breaks down into useable from unusable by using manual, semi -automatic and automatic techniques. Dismantling is considered an essential step, which involves segregating the components into pieces that can be reused.
Segregation is implemented to separate items according to their respective categories and subsequently allocate them to their appropriate departments for further processing.
Technical Evaluation
Technical Evaluation
This process is established for each category of waste solely following a technical assessment of the material. Subsequently, it proceeds to production with the aim of extracting the utmost resources utilizing the 5R concept, ultimately striving for Zero waste.
Technical Evaluation
Recycle/ Reuse, Reduction, Recovery & Refining
Recycle/ Reuse, Reduction, Recovery & Refining
In production, the 5R concept is achieved through various processes as below:

  • Pyro Metallurgical Methods
  • Hydro Metallurgical Methods
  • Electrochemical Methods
Recycle/ Reuse, Reduction, Recovery & Refining