Awareness Campaigns

The government of India has laid out an E-Waste policy in 2016 and is helping the industries to manage in the right way, which could lead to the creation of millions of decent jobs worldwide. A new vision for the production and consumption of electronic and electrical goods based on the circular economy is needed. It is easy for e-waste to be framed as a post-consumer problem, but the issue encompasses the lifecycle of the devices everyone uses. Designers, manufacturers, investors, traders, miners, raw material0 producers, consumers, policymakers, and others have a crucial role to play in reducing waste, retaining value within the system, extending the economic and physical life of an item, as well as its ability to be repaired, recycled, and reused.

We already know what the solutions are; it is now a matter of implementing them effectively. Firstly, better e-waste management strategies and green standards can help address this challenge.

Hiflo Green would play its part in conducting awareness campaigns at the customers premises to highlight the need for a new circular economy for electronic goods. By extending the lifecycle of electronic products, they can contribute to reducing the generation of EOL products.

By all coming together on the global stage, we can create a sustainable industry that generates less waste and in which our devices are re-used as well as recycled in novel ways. This also creates new forms of employment, economic activity, education, and trade.